16 July, 2024

Regional Centre


Certificate Programme Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)

Minimum Duration: 6 Months
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


10th pass/Working nursery, primary or elementary teachers
passed AMT under Associate Studentship Scheme

 Most people, children or adults, usually dread mathematics. Why does this happen? We believe that the problem is due to the way mathematics is usually taught from early school on. In this awareness level practical-oriented programme we look at ways in which we can teach mathematics to children in a way that will make them feel positive about it.

This programme consists of two courses. Both the courses are built around detailed examples of ways of communicating mathematical concepts/processes/skills to children upto the age of 10. Thus, the programme is aimed at pre-primary and primary school teachers, as well as parents of young children.

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